Posing Beans MINI Set of 1+1


Posing Beans! Create special with Axela Photography

Extremely pleasant to touch and hugging! Very hard and unbending under child’s weight!

Made from easy to clean, hydrophobic, stain resistant velvet – available in 100 colours! Whatever you love !

You can buy Set of 8 Posing MINI Beans – 1 MINI Bean and 1 Little bit bigger Bean (Presented on first photo) what will allow you to place the Newborn in any position
Carefully made with attention to detail
Try it out or buy more if you need!

Very easy to clean by wet tissues (tested with starwberry jam!).
100% of satisfaction guarantee.

On photos colour V09 V04, V13

Shipping to US and Canada via FedEx – 41USD! (for Posing Beans Set of 9)Please contact with us for better shipping options