Velvet BeanBag Classic

900.00 PLN

Velvet BeanBag!

Made for the best photographers on the world!

Extremely pleasant to touch and hugging!

Made from easy to clean, hydrophobic, stain resistant velvet – available in 60 colours! Whatever you love ❤ !
Size of the BenBag: 110 cm wide and 40 cm high (Depends on the amount of filling) or Different Size you need!
All products are Made to order ❤

What’s included:
– Velvet BeanBag (not quilted, without filling and STAND),
– 2 PCS of Velvet pocket,
Posing Beans Set of 9  and Posing Beans MINI set of 5 + 3  in the same colour!
– PROMOCODE – 50 € to Newborn Photo Construction


***BeanBag without filling – You need to buy 600L filling***
On the picture Velvet Beanbag V09 and 50 CM HIGH NEWBORN PHOTO STAND

Special thanks to Axela Photography for help in the implementation and photos of the product. ❤❤❤
BeanBags are 100% compatible with stands from Newborn Photo Construction!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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