Velvet Mattress and Pillow

US $43.11

Velvet mattress with a pillow in the same color.

We will make mattress in any size you need! Please select "Different Size" option and write your dimensions in the order!

Soft and extremely pleasant to the touch.

Before ordering the mattress, please measure the size of the cot.

***** If you would like to buy more, ask for better shipping conditions. *****

Shipping time: within 10 business days 🙂


Beautiful photos by Marta Ponsko Photography ,Nancy Harland – blitzlicht-fotografie, Katherine Vess Photography

At the picture: Knotted Bed from Yellow Lamb and Mattress V01 and V31
Dimensions of mattress (compatible with Knotted Bed): 9×13.4[in] / 24x36x6[cm] | Thickness: 2.4 (in) | 6 (cm)
Dimensions of mattress (compatible with Knotted Bench): 9.45×14,17 [in] / 24x36x4 [cm] Thickness: 1.57 [in] / 4 [cm]